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Business Technology & Industry Trade Show

Combining the BC Natural Resource Forum, the Business Technology & Industry Trade Show and the Northern BC Business and Technology Awards, this is the Event of the year in Northern British Columbia! This event provides an opportunity for cross-communication, networking and synergies that would not otherwise occur. Prince George, BC.

Canadian Northern Children's Festival

Held in Prince George the 3rd weekend in May. Lots of exciting tent shows with international performers - as well as free activities.

Dave Milne Photography

My Wildlife and Scenic photographs from Canada the US, Australia, Mexico, and Cuba. Many from British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon and the area surrounding my home in Prince George

Events Creators

Events Creators has been promoting successful shows in this area for years - Kids World Show, Today's Woman Show Business & Technology Show.

Noah's Ark Adventureland

Noah's Ark Adventureland is where you can experience a light hearted, enjoyable yet educational farm tour, party or sleigh/hay ride; filled with local history, animal information, country charm, warmth, hospitality and endless photo opportunities.

Prince George After Hours

Searchable events and happenings in Prince George

Prince George Music Festival

The Prince George and District Music Festival was founded in 1951 to provide a vehicle for fostering musical excellence in Northern BC.

Prince George Performing Arts Centre

The upcoming Prince George Performing Arts Centre.

Pulp and Paper Industry Conference

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Pulp and Paper Industry Technical Conference is held annually.

Snow Daze Winter Festival & the Prince George Mardi Gras of Winter Society

Snow Daze Winter Festival and the Prince George Mardi Gras of Winter Society is a not-for-profit organization whose main goal is to create community excitement and enthusiasm during our long winter months. Each year we organize various events and activities to take place through out our community over a period of days during the month of February.

The Ace of Arts Educational Society

The Ace of Arts Educational Society created in memory of Anthony Chalise Redpath Rossetti (1983-2010) is dedicated to supporting individuals in the Northern Interior of British Columbia, who would otherwise not have the means or opportunity to pursue their artistic goals or potential Through sponsorship of individuals in attaining the materials and lessons that further them in reaching their goals, and by networking and building relationships with businesses, artists, and musicians The Ace of Arts Educational Society if building a stronger artistic presence in our community.

Theatre North West

Professional, top quality theatre in Prince George

Today's Woman Trade Show

The Today's Woman Trade Shows is an event for the women of Northern British Columbia. This annual show is geared towards women of all walks of life, ages, lifestyles and varied interests and provides an opportunity to learn what's new in business, careers, investment opportunities, fashion, health & wellness, cooking, recreation and so much more. Each show just gets better and better!! Prince George, BC.

Two Rivers Art Gallery

The Central Interior's newest public art gallery - art exhibits, tours, lessons, discussions, rentals and be sure to stop in at our amazing Gallery Shop

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