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Capital Glass

Capital Glass is your glass capital! For all your glass needs including windshield stone repairs. Penticton, BC.

Hitch Your Ride

We have a vast selection of bicycle hitches and racks as well as ski racks for your automobile. Also we have bike storage racks for your garage. Penticton, BC.

IFTA Canada

IFTA Canada was founded in 1982 to supply consulting, conception, manufacturing and service of production equipment for rigid or flexible polyurethane and insulation polyurethane. For the plastic industry we supply plastic injection and thermoforming equipment, plastic parts and other related equipment. Penticton, BC.

Klassen Electric Ltd.

Our philosophy is to provide the finest quality of work, at the best cost to our customers. We are dedicated to the success of every project from beginning to end and strive to provide the utmost in quality and workmanship. Penticton.

Penticton Foundry

We have been producing ductile iron castings, gray iron castings, and high chrome white iron castings for clients across North America from our foundry in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada since 1935.

Slimline Manufacturing Limited

Slimline Manufacturing Limited, a privately held company, has an agricultural division, tank division, consumer division, and Evaporator division. Since our entire product line is orchard or vineyard related, we are concentrated in the major fruit and wine growing areas. See our list of dealers to receive information on a dealer nearest you. Penticton, BC.

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