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Graco Granite Ltd.

Graco Granite Ltd. has been serving BC families since 1980 and is dedicated to providing a quality product at a competitive price. Extra care is taken to ensure customer satisfaction from the design stage to memorial completion. Summerland, BC.

Janice Blackie-Goodine - Western Artist

With sepia photograph likeness Janice creates images of western life, historical and modern, onto leather and canvas. She enjoys commision work, painting people, horses, and cattle in rodeo events, horse shows and from vintage photographs. The studio is located in Summerland, British Columbia.

Thermo-Pad Instant Heating Pad

Thermo-Pad Instant Heating Pad: INSTANT HEAT - ANYTIME - ANYWHERE! Thermo-Pad utilizes the science of "phase change" to produce an instant heating pad that heats to a safe preset temperature and is completely reusable. Thermo-Pads come in a variety of sizes from the small pad that may be used as a re-usable hand warmer to the large pad designed to treat the neck and shoulders. Thermo-Pads can be used for applications from hospital heat packs to heating pads to keep you warm while scuba diving. Summerland, BC.

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